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Messaging and voice for business to customer engagement

Embrace personal, easy and cost-effective solutions to securely engage, convert, support and retain customers. From SMS, WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat, Viber, Voice and Email, start delivering via your customers' preferred channels.

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Combining messaging, technology, and data

Business Messaging API

The CM.com Business Messaging API enables you to send messages from your own system to mobile phones around the world. Enable various channels - among others SMS, WhatsApp, and Viber. 

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Mobile Marketing Cloud

The Mobile Marketing Cloud is an omnichannel customer engagement solution which allows you to personalise and automate messaging with customers using smart data, across channels they prefer.

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Mobile Service Cloud

The Mobile Service Cloud is a cloud contact center solution that offers all the messaging channels, tools, and features you need to provide superior customer support for your customers.

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Use a chatbot to automate your conversations

Create a bot that fully automates conversations at every stage of your funnel and speed up customer resolutions. Leave repetitive questions to chatbots and hand over the conversation to a customer support agent when necessary. This way, you can still be of real value to your customers whilst offering 24/7 support.

  1. Available on WhatsApp and any other channel and device.

  2. Easy to build and manage without programming.

  3. Guaranteed results.

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Our platform is trusted by leading companies worldwide

We've teamed up with some of our amazing customers to share their story and show how CM.com is part of their daily routines. Learn how our platform enables companies of all sizes to attract, engage and retain their customers using mobile technology.

One platform for omnichannel customer engagement

Improve customer experience

Handle all your inbound and outbound customer queries with ease 24/7 and create personalised mobile experiences at scale.

Boost customer satisfaction

Keep your customers educated, informed and engaged with conversations that are instant, relevant, and personalised on their favourite channel.

Increase customer engagement

Inform your customers with relevant and personalised information when it matters most during each step in the customer journey.

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Benefit from all our communication channels available for your company. Send delivery notifications, booking confirmations, appointment reminders, and more. Start-ups and enterprise businesses rely on our platform for better marketing, sales and service daily.

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