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Combine multichannel messaging with our cloud platform features. Our Ticketing platform helps events sell and manage any type of ticket. The Customer Data Platform takes personalised marketing to a next level and Identity solutions ensures safe authentication.

Start signing with electronic signatures

Digitize your signing process. With the Sign solution you can send PDF and Word documents to co-signers. Recipients can digitally sign these files on their mobile phone, tablet, laptop or any other device. No special app or software is required.

Once signed, the contracts are provided with a time stamp and secured with a certificate. This gives your PDF document a unique, valid digital signature.

  1. Save time and costs.

  2. Add multiple co signers.

  3. Sign on any device.

  4. Add text and signature fields and send via messaging.

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CM Sign: digitize the signing process

Online ticket sales made easy for all type of events

We give you a peek behind the scenes of major events and sports clubs that have used our Ticketing solutions. Discover how CM.com's mobile technology becomes the key to a sold out event.

Personalise the customer journey Customer Data Platform

With CM Data, data is pulled from multiple sources, cleaned and combined to create a single customer profile in return for a more personalised customer journey. Everything that is personal can be added to a customer profile. Think CRM, purchase orders, email responses, social media chats and more.

  1. Connect unlimited number of data sources.

  2. Personalise communication with real-time segments.

  3. Automated marketing campaigns with workflows.

  4. Easy and accessible dashboards to analyse all your data.

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customer data platform

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