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Deliver exceptional customer experience and self-service with our AI powered Chatbot.

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Improve Customer Interaction With AI Powered Chatbot

Heavily improve responsiveness, personalization and self-service. Marketing and Customer support leaders are leveraging our AI Chatbot to improve conversation rates, increase customer satisfaction and gain valuable insights. 

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All-in One Chatbot to Build, Launch and Scale Without Coding


Daily management, reporting, and maintenance tasks are taken care of by the content editors. No programming knowledge required.

Low Cost of Ownership

Our platform is designed for quick implementation, easy handling, and maintenance. This saves you an intensive and expensive implementation.

High Security Standards

We guarantee reliable and safe Chatbot use with the highest information security standards like ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certificates.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

We provide you with high end learning tools that pinpoint the areas which need be optimized such as gap analyses. 

Bonus Features Included

All features that you need for a successful chatbot, such as patterns, AI, dashboards, reports, and state management are all included.

Endless Integration Possibilities

Integrate with Messaging, CDP, Payments, Sign, One Time Passwords, IBAN Verification or Ticketing for a fully automated end-to-end customer journey.  


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DigitalCX Improves Your Business Growth

50% More Efficiency

Our chatbot has decreased call volumes by 40-50% for major insurance, telco, and energy companies. 

50-87% Increase in NPS Score

By implementing DigitalCX, customers have gained an average 50%-87% increase in their customer satisfaction scores "CSAT."

35% Increase in Conversion Rates

DigitalCX Chatbot has improved conversion rates by 17 - 35% for insurance and telco companies.

Centralized Knowledge Management

Centralizing valuable insights boosts your DigitalCX Chatbot's level of intelligence and improves performance each time.

DigitalCX Success Stories

Learn how our conversational AI chatbot platform enabled companies of all sizes and industries to build a digital, automated customer service and improve their customer experience.

Client Testimonials

“Using DigitalCX has made it an easy and enjoyable project to work on. The drag & drop features are very user friendly and the dashboard has provided us with a good insight into what our customers look for on our website.”  

Yasmin Inkeroe, Customer Experience Lead - Vivid Homes, UK.

“Prior to working with DigitalCX, we had tested various platforms, but we were surprised by how simple it was to create dialogs, alter content and analyse data in the platform.”  

Inge van Vuuren, Marketeer at DELA. 

“DigitalCX helped us transform our customer service. We now run a stress free operation that keeps costs low and our customers happy" 

Wouter de Vries, Customer Services Manager at Ditzo

“Thanks to DigitalCX, our Net Promoter Score has further improved. In addition, the chatbot provides us with very valuable information about what customers consider to be important and what they are or are not happy with.” 

Tessa Spruijt, Support and Readiness Manager at Simpel

The World’s Leading Chatbot Providers

In recent years, the chatbot industry has experienced exponential growth. While there are thousands of vendors to choose from, we remain ahead of the crowd. Unlike other AI chatbot products, DigitalCX provides users with an intuitive drag & drop interface, enabling them to create a chatbot without needing to know a single bit of code. 

We have been in the chatbot business for 15 years; we are one of the world’s best chatbot providers according to Gartner, Forrester, and Tractica, and over 80+ prestigious brands trust our platform. 

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