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CM.com's platform uses mobile-driven solutions to help businesses drive modern customer conversations and conversions.

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Powerful Products to Supercharge Your Omni-Channel Platform

Empower your business

Improve Customer Experience

Handle all inbound and outbound customer queries with ease 24/7 and create personalized experiences at scale.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Keep your customers educated, informed and engaged with conversations that are instant, relevant, and personalized on their favorite channel.

Increase Customer Engagement

Inform your customers with relevant and personalized information when it matters most during each step in the customer journey.

Secure Account Access

Online security is critical in this digital world - keep customers' accounts safe whilst protecting your business from cybercrime with secure two-factor authentication.

Personalization is The Core of Successful Communications

Our Customer Data Platform (CDP) collects data from any source and orchestrates it into unified customer profiles. Target specific segments and automate every campaign so your brand is there at every stage of your customer journey.

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Connect To Our Messaging Channels How You Prefer

Use Our Platform or Yours

Product Web-based Interface (CM.com) API (Integration)


Voice & Talk



Apple Business Chat

Facebook Messenger



Push Notifications

Combined SMS, WhatsApp, & Push

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Directly Connected to Mobile Carriers and OTT Channels

Facebook Partner


Access Facebook Messenger for your Business without using a 3rd party

Apple Partner


Seamlessly connect your business to Apple Business Chat and Apple Pay through CM

Google Partner


Get your Google Business SMS Verification or RCS messaging directly through CM

WhatsApp Partner


Get WhatsApp for Business account and template approval directly through CM.com.

Twitter Partner


Easily access Twitter for Business & verify your account.

Supported "OTT" Chat-Apps

apple business chat
facebook messenger
rcs business messaging

Our Operational Products Are Accessible for Any Organization

Use your organization's system or ours

Product Web-based Interface (CM.com) API (Integration)

Electronic Signatures

Event Ticketing

Mobile Authentication



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Authenticate and Protect

one time passwords
number validation

Offer Fast and Easy Checkout

American Express - Amex
apple pay
wechat pay

How to connect?

api example

API for Developers

Build and optimize programmatic communication at scale. Our APIs can be implemented to communicate via various channels - amongst others SMS, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, and Viber.

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web-based interface

Web-based Interface

Our user friendly Web-based Interface empowers individuals to create, send and schedule mobile marketing campaigns, notifications, build mobile landing pages, sign documents online, and more.

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What Makes CM.com Certifiably Reliable & Secure?

Quality Network Connections

Our platform is connected to over 1,000 network operators throughout 250+ countries. This ensures you and your business get the highest quality deliverability routes at the best price.

Certified Payment Processor

CM.com is a certified payment service provider "PSP." As a fully compliant PSP we meet all safety & technology regulations to ensure our online payment system is highly protected & secure.

Digital Identity Service Provider

As a Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP), CM.com provides digital identification and two-factor and multi-factor authentication solutions, such as one-time-passwords via voice and/or SMS

Why Customers Love our Platform

"CM.com’s user friendly interface, good references, 24/7 support and quick on-boarding, made it a no brainer to partner with them."

Mehmet Uluceviz, Head of Operations, Travelstart MENA

“We have been working together with CM.com for years now and we have never had any issues with regards to SMS or Voice. When did I ever have to call you to say something is wrong? Never! CM.com simply offers the best quality we can find and being the best quality platform is very important for us.”

Sander Kole, Director IT at Takeaway.com

"Shopping can be done anytime, at any place, and purchases will be delivered to your doorstep or wherever you choose. Mobile Only, I firmly believe in that." 

AH Tap to Go uses SMS Campaigns and Pages, identification with SMS, Payment SMS Notifications and mobile in-store payments.

Jan-Willem Dockheer, General Manager AH to go

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