The Story

Constantly searching for ways of connecting businesses with their customers is what drives us. 

About The Story

Our Mission

Our mission is to make life easier, safer, and more beautiful. We firmly believe that technology exists to enhance people's lives. We want to contribute to furthering technologies that benefit society.

The Culture

How quickly the world changes. And how quickly technology changes with it. Today, people all over the world are connected. All-day, every day. We enable our customers to be part of people's lives.

Constantly searching for ways of connecting people with each other is what drives us. We don’t see high-quality mobile technology as a goal but as a means of achieving our common objective: enabling our customers to be part of people’s lives.

It all Started with 1 SMS

The story of started back in 1999, with one message being: “Will you join me at Highstreet?”. This was the SMS Gilbert Gooijers sent to Jeroen van Glabbeek.

Starting out as Club Message, co-founders Jeroen and Gilbert introduced sending SMS messages to groups in 1999. SMS was used to inform visitors of discos in the Benelux area. Information about guest DJs, time-tables, contests, discounts and other weekend news was shared.

SMS on a nokia phone

The History of was founded in Breda, The Netherlands in 1999. Sending SMS messages to nightclub and festival visitors was the very first service, and laid the foundation for what is today. Innovation, ambition, and the desire to become an international player led to a fast-growing company.

From 2010 Till Now

2019: acquires ticketing company Global Ticket, and becomes one of the main sponsors "Official Event Supporter" of Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix.

2017: acquires payments company, Docdata Payments BV

2016: embarks on the ticketing market by acquiring Dutch TicketFlow.

Offices open up in South Africa and Hong Kong.

2015: The company grows from 120 to 160 employees. Offices open up in the UK, France, and Germany.

CM Payments is founded.

German SMS company SMS Trade is acquired.

A lot of effort has been put in this period to improve our internal processes and quality of service. We decentralized our technical platform, to facilitate the other CM countries better.

2014: Callfactory joined the CM Group. With years of experience, being part of dutch operator KPN, Callfactory brought a broad group of high end customers. An office is opened in The Hague for its employees.

2013: CM takes over and becomes the single shareholder of Paratel, an SMS subsidiary of Belgian media company VMMa.

British app developer OneSixty Mobile and Dutch SMS company SMSHosting are acquired.

Paratel and MobileWeb merge with CM.

2012: Belgian SMS company MobileWeb is acquired, as well as the SMS portfolios from Silverstreet Europe and GIN (American Motricity).

2010: The SMS portfolio and administrative subjects of Dutch mobile company Mobillion are taken over from Dutch Telegraaf Media Groep TMG.

From the Beginning till 2010

2009: The SMS portfolio of technology company LogicaCMG is acquired.

Around the clock accessibility is required as CM grows internationally. The network operation center (NOC) is set up to monitor global messaging and payments.

2006: CMs SMS voting service is used in major radio and television shows, such as the Eurovision Song Contest.

CM premieres on Deloitte’s prestigious list of fast growing companies, Technology Fast 50.

2002: Mail SMS is introduced, a service exclusively developed and patented by CM.

2001: Major events and festivals in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg start to use CMs SMS services.

2000: The core business to send SMS notifications to club and bar visitors is developed.

1999: What now is called CM Groep is founded under the name ClubMessage by Jeroen van Glabbeek and Gilbert Gooijers in Breda, the Netherlands.

20 Years Later

Over the years, has changed as a business. We have evolved from an SMS services supplier to the full-service communication provider we are now. We strongly believe that technology exists to enhance people’s lives. Make them better, safer and easier.

Nowadays, connects businesses to people and people to businesses via the telecom operators, worldwide payment providers and Messaging Channels. about us

In The End, It’s All People Business

Regardless of what technology makes possible, we believe people make the difference. We believe in people. Using change to our advantage, adapt, stay agile and allow ourselves to fail and learn fast.

We’re convinced that when employees do what they enjoy, they get better at it. And then they have the most to offer customers, colleagues and

That’s why we give everyone the opportunity to grow in a direction that he or she has the most pleasure in; in his or her own way. Because even though we’re all equal, we’re definitely not all the same. It is precisely this diversity makes colorful. barcelona events

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