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CPaaS CM.com: next-gen communication platform

Reach customers in real-time, via their preferred communication channel (SMS, Mail, Whatsapp, RCS, etc) and support business scale-out. How? Via a Communication Platform as a Service.

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Live Demo: conversational messaging

The evolving messaging capabilities and changing customer behavior leads to a total new way of communicating with your customers. All in order to improve mobile customer experience to exceed their expectations.

  1. Orchestrate and automate communication with your customer
  2. In-channel is the best experience
  3. Get personal, real people, real-time and behavioral
Live demo

The magic of enriched mobile marketing campaigns

Go beyond 160 characters of SMS and find the magic of enriched mobile marketing campaigns. We have found you a creative solution to work around the limited space, so you can still get your message across.   

  1. Stand out from your competitors

  2. Focus: go for only one single CTA

  3. Offer a good reason not to subscribe

  4. Marketing is all about conversation

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WhatsApp Business? Get in line

WhatsApp has finally opened the doors for business usage. All you need is access to the WhatsApp Business API. And that’s, at the same time, the difficult part. 

  1. Request your key to get verified

  2. Two-way: Be prepared for engagement with your customer

  3. How to reach the other 55% WhatsApp doesn't cover

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RCS: The 5 biggest myths

Being the proclaimed follow-up of SMS, RCS enables enterprises to engage in rich conversational messaging with their end-users.  

Let’s dive into 4 of the biggest myths around RCS. 

  1. Myth 1: RCS will kill SMS. 

  2. Myth 2: RCS? Meh..Everybody already has WhatsApp / WeChat / FB

  3. Myth 3: RCS has a complex, non-transparent pricing structure 

  4. Myth 4: Apple is ignoring RCS, so why bother?  

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Stop investing in Apps! Invest in Business Messaging

Messaging between businesses and persons is all about mobile. The evolving messaging capabilities and changing customer behavior lead to a total new way of communicating with your customers.  

  1. Omni-channel: You simply need to support all channels

  2. Conversational: Go beyond your customer’s expectations.  

  3. Machine learning: make solid decisions

  4. In-channel commerce: match your customers' needs

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Is SMS Dead? Guess again!

SMS might come across as old, but it has found a renewed purpose. We even dare to say it will change the way we text forever.  

SMS 2.0: Engaging with your customers like never before. 

  1. Go beyond one-way communication. Make it a conversation. 

  2. Don’t let your message get lost in a pile of emails 

  3. Reach more people than ever before 

  4. Enter the new SMS era: add rich content your marketing 

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The more personalized the better, why you need a CDP

You can no longer run your business without a Customer Data Platform; the central hub where all relevant data is stored and synthesized into 360° profiles of your customers. And you should use these profiles to have meaningful interaction with your customers.  

  1. Aim for a conversation instead of a marketing push

  2.   Orchestrate and automate communication

  3. First party data: Get real-time behavioral insights

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Mobile Marketing in a GDPR Era

Many companies believe it is difficult to be GDPR compliant when sending out marketing messages to customers. Being GDPR-compliant is actually quite easy, using our 4 step guide.

  1. rganize opt-in by adding only two small adjustments

  2. Avoid irritation, you don’t want to be perceived as spam 

  3. The art of collecting phone numbers  

  4. No matter country specifics, we got your opt-out covered. 

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How to pre-sell 80% of your event

Already sell 80% of your tickets in pre-sale should be the wish of every event organizer, no matter if it’s a corporate event or festival. 

Some of the best practices we’ve seen to boost your pre-sale: 

  1. Start using a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

  2. Real-time insights into your target audience

  3. Perfect timing and preferred channel are key. 

  4. Aim for loyalty.

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Abandoned shopping carts? Stop losing 74% of your sales.

What can you do to prevent people from abandoning these unsold items? There are many tips and tricks and this offers an extra sales opportunity!   

Start optimizing your check-out process today:  

  1. 5 reasons why your customers abandon their cart

  2. Communicate clearly and be transparent about all costs

  3.  The shorter and easier the sales process the better

  4. An appealing personalized message to get them to convert.  

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How to connect next-gen communication channels

Two way communication allows you to learn from customer feedback and tailor your offerings according to your consumer’s needs. And you don’t have to build all this magic by yourselves.   

Do you know? 

  1. Native communication channels are easily replaceable

  2. Sometimes, you don’t even need any development resources 

  3. From custom and technical to mainstream and ready-to-use 

  4. Advanced communication features

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