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Secure digital identification, fast digital signing, seamless event ticketing and hyper-personalised customer data solutions.

Authentication, digital signing, ticketing and customer data

Securely identify your users online

Solutions like one-time-passwords and number verifiers help your customers gain secure and safe access to applications online - deliver digital trust.

Fast and secure digital signing

Enable fast and secure completion of contracts, agreements and documents without unnecessary printing and scanning of documents.

Create your own event ticket shop

Offer event attendees a seamless way of buying tickets online. Set up your ticketing shop within minutes or let us help you with bigger events. Scan in attendees using your mobile phone.

Augment your marketing with data

Collect data from multiple source and create 360 degree profiles using our compliant data platform. Build segments and workflows for hyper-personalised communication.

Deliver digital trust via OTPs

The world is turning to digital by default; and therefore more and more products and services are available online. Identifying or recognising your online customer is therefore becoming increasingly critical.

How do you know if a created account is filled with the correct information? Or if a login attempt is made by the rightful owner of the account? Start by authenticating and identifying your users with digital security.

We keep the process as simple and efficient as possible for you and your customers.

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Sign documents online with electronic signatures

With the Sign solution you can send PDF documents to co-signers. Recipients can digitally sign these files on their mobile phone, tablet, laptop or any other device. No special app or program is required.

Once signed, the contracts are provided with a time stamp and secured with a certificate. This gives your PDF document a unique, valid digital signature.

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Set up your own event ticket shop within 3 minutes

Whether you're organising a big event or need a solution for a smaller amount of tickets, CM Tickets can help you out. Features like personalised tickets, order invoicing and seated & secondary ticketing give your team an excellent system to get the most out of events.

No need to rent expensive ticket scan hardware. The Ticket Scan app allows you to simply validate tickets with a smartphone.

Our Golf Day use case explains how we covered every step of the event planning lifecycle using the Web App.

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Offer relevance and personalisation with CDP

Marketing is changing. Customers expect relevant and personal messages. You can only do this by really getting to know your customers.

With CM Data you can collect data from any source using ready-made integrations or connect to the API - 360 degree profiles are created using a secure and compliant data platform.

Build real time segments and workflows for these profiles and send hyper-personalised communication on any channel. Choose to export your customer profiles and upload into Facebook Ads Manager for remarketing purposes (with an active opt-in).

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Take it from our customers

For years now, we have been sending text messages through the CM.com platform to the satisfaction of our customers. We use text messages to let them know that their order is being processed or at what time they can expect their delivery.


We're a global operating business. It's therefore crucial to always have access to our services via 2FA. CM.com is available 24/7, the whole year around.

Large Dutch Bank

OTPs via CM.com are very stable. Every time an employee wants to login, it is possible – no matter what time of the day.

European Steel Producer

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