Ticketing solutions for any event and attraction.

Online ticket sales for major festivals and artists, sports clubs and associations and small, local events.

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Online ticket sales made easy

Increase the success of your event

Your own branding and identity

Design your own online ticketshop and tickets according to the corporate identity of your event. Get started right away and start selling your tickets in just a few steps.

Detailed insight into your target group

Get real-time and detailed reports on your ticket sales directly from the Ticketing dashboard. You have insight into registrations and visitor numbers anytime, anywhere.

Promote your event to a success

Combine the most successful marketing solutions to reach your target group, generate sales and communicate with your visitors. All from the same platform.

Mobile access control for each event

The door management of your event will run efficiently with our scan app. Scan your tickets at the door with mobile phones so expensive scanning equipment is not needed.

Ticketing designed for event organisers

  1. Tailor-made ticketing for large festivals and artists

  2. Optimised ticketing platform for sports clubs and associations

  3. Online ticketshop for local and small events

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dashboard ticketing

Your key to a sold out event

With our ready-to-go Ticketing app you can open an online ticketshop in just a few steps and start selling tickets online. Create your own event page including payment processing, and manage, promote and analyse your ticket sales from your dashboard.

Or integrate our Ticketing API in your own webshop or app and build your custom ticketshop so your visitors can buy tickets without leaving your site.

CM.com offers more than a ticketing solutios. Give your visitors an optimal experience before, during and after your event. Develop your digital strategy for a streamlined customer journey.

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Choose the best solution for your event

Online ticketshop or custom ticketing



Self service tool to start directly

Tailored solution for large events

Fee per ticket (excl. VAT)

R 12,34

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Fee per guestlist ticket (excl. VAT)

R 4,11


Event Ticket Scan app



Global support

Online helpcenter

24/7 phone and email

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Learn from our customers

We give you a peek behind the scenes of major events that have used our Ticketing solutions. Discover how CM.com's mobile technology becomes the key to a sold out event.

Complete toolbox for your digital strategy

Email Campaigns

Build a relationship with your fans and send out informative and engaging email marketing campaigns.

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SMS Campaigns

Inform your visitors before the event about the weather, an artist or traffic changes via SMS.

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Voice Campaigns

Announce the sale of festival tickets with a phone call from one of the performing artists.

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Chat Apps

Talk to your visitors and answer all their questions via messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Apple Business Chat.

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Marketing based on data

Gain clear insight into the behaviour of your target group and make powerful data-based decisions with CM.com's Customer Data Platform.

Respond to the needs of your visitors and optimise the marketing strategy around your event.

On the CM.com platform you can use channels like Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Voice Campaigns and more. Use the right channels for practical notifications or use messaging to boost your sales, for example by inviting last year's visitors to a next event.

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customer data platform

100% control over sales and door management

Our dashboard gives you a clear insight into your ticket sales with real-time analytics and clear reports, accessible from any device. 

When you sell tickets through our Ticketing app, you can also use CM.com's simple scanning software for free. The app can be downloaded on any phone so tickets can be scanned easily and quickly at the entrance of your event.

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ticketing scan app

Streamlined flow for large-scale festivals and sport events

Personalisation & Sponsored tickets

Make use of ticket personalisation for clear data of all visitors and let sponsors digitally allocate tickets to their relations within their sponsor package.

Upselling & Cross Selling

Sell extra products in your ticket shop such as coins or tokens, parking tickets and merchandise before your event has even started. Offer extra service and generate extra revenue.

Seated & Secondary ticketing

Sell seated tickets for stadiums, theaters and music venues or enable secondary ticketing so that ticket holders can resell their tickets if they are unable to attend the event

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Find out why major events and sports clubs choose CM Tickets to sell and promote their event.

Register now on the CM.com platform and get started right away with your own online ticket shop or request a tailored solution.

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