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Empower your marketing, sales and customer service with our Communications and Payments Platform.

CM.com at a Glance

CM.com (AMS: CMCOM) is a global leader in cloud software for conversational commerce that enables businesses to deliver a superior customer experience.

Our communications and payments platform empowers marketing, sales and customer support to automate engagement with customers across multiple mobile channels, blended with seamless payment capabilities that drive sales, gain customers and increase customer happiness.

CM.com at a Glance

CM.com Facts

1999 Founded

Breda, Netherlands

500 FTE

And still growing

20 countries

Local presence

Listed CMCOM

Euronext Amsterdam

€ 134 million

Core revenue 2020

118 countries

Customer base

Hasil Utama 2020

Core Revenue: € 134.4 million (+55%):

  1. € 729 million Payments Processed (+17%)

  2. 3.7 billion Messages Sent (+48%)

  3. 5.3 million Tickets Sold (+179%)

  4. 296 million Voice Minutes (+109%)

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Hasil Utama 2020


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Local Presence Worldwide

We work locally and globally with a local presence in 20 countries worldwide:

  1. Belanda: Breda, Enschede, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Nijmegen

  2. Eropa: Brussels, Paris, London, Nuremberg, Barcelona

  3. Asia: Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapura, Tokyo, Shenzen

  4. AS & Afrika: Los Angeles, Cape Town, Nairobi

Tech & Security

  1. 24/7 monitoring, virtual servers & high speed storage

  2. Privately owned cloud platform and software, developed in-house

  3. Guaranteed scalability, time to market, global redundancy

  4. ISO certified, GDPR compliant, PCI-DSS certified

Tech & Security

Making Life Easier, Safer and More Beautiful

jeroen van glabbeek

In the field of CPaaS, we’re currently one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. In 2020, we managed to pick up speed every quarter while hiring more people to boost our sales and innovation power.

Jeroen van Glabbeek CEO

gilbert gooijers

The big difference for us in 2020 was the acceleration. My job is to maintain our company culture. It doesn’t change with an IPO, but it can change when you grow too fast.

Gilbert Gooijers COO

jan saan

The capital raises and challenging market situation has enabled us to act according to a strong market demand for our products. You have to organize your business in a way in which it can accelerate and adapt when an opportunity arises.

Jan Saan CTO

jord de graaf

We’re always actively spotting acquisition candidates, but at the same time, we remain very selective. We understand that to grow sustainably, we have to build up structures and processes while remaining flexible and maintaining our entrepreneurial spirit.

Jörg de Graaf CFO

Semuanya dimulai dengan 1 SMS

Kisah CM.com dimulai pada tahun 1999, dengan satu pesan ini: “Maukah Anda bergabung dengan saya di Highstreet?”. Ini adalah SMS dari Gilbert Gooijers yang dikirimkan kepada Jeroen van Glabbeek.

Memulai sebagai Club Message, salah satu pendiri, Jeroen dan Gilbert memperkenalkan pengiriman pesan SMS ke grup pada tahun 1999. Pesan ini digunakan untuk memberi tahu pengunjung diskotik di Benelux tentang DJ tamu, jadwal, kontes, diskon, dan berita akhir pekan lainnya; tepat pada saat yang pas bagi pengunjung.

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