Mobile Order and Cashless Checkout

Festival and event visitors order and pay quickly and easily via their phone or tablet.

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Payments Mobile Order

Frictionless orders and cashless payments

Mobile Order makes it possible to order and pay more quickly and easily at festivals, events, in restaurants and other catering establishments. Visitors can select and order food, drinks or other products via the festival app or online ordering page from their own mobile device.

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Highest level of user-friendliness

With Mobile Order, a unique QR code is generated for each order and is scanned with a mobile phone or tablet. The bank account or credit card number is linked to the user profile and all orders will be paid automatically.

The actual payment is removed from the process of the visitor and only the simple ordering process remains. Visitors no longer have to wait in line to order or buy tokens.

  1. Easy ordering and payment process

  2. User-friendly solution

  3. No hardware or payment systems required

Demo - Mobile Order
mobile order

Let your customers order and pay with a QR code

Applications of Mobile Order

Festivals & Events

With Mobile Order, festival and event visitors can easily onboard in the app, order both online and offline and have a clear overview of their orders.


Let customers order easily and discreetly via QR code and WhatsApp, without installing additional apps. Cross- and upsell possibilities are integrated in a web-based solution.

Sports Events

Full stadiums are important for sports clubs to maximize their sales results. The same goes for their revenue from food and drink sales. 

Mobile ordering and token-free payments at Lowlands festival made mobile ordering and payments at Lowlands possible for festival visitors. Under the name Mobile Order, we'd set up a pilot together with Lowlands that allowed festival-goers to place their drink orders at three bars from the Lowlands Festival 2019 app.

After entering their order in the festival app, a QR code appeared in the app with which the order could be picked up at the relevant bar. The full payment took place after Lowlands in one transaction. Therefore, wallets and physical coins were not needed at the festival.

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Conversational Commerce - The Tosti Club

If you fancy a sandwich but don't have much time, The Tosti Club offers the possibility to order your sandwich by mobile phone. All you have to do is scan a QR code and use WhatsApp. The QR code can be found on The Tosti Clubs' loyalty card.

A WhatsApp screen will open automatically with "Order" in the messaging bar. Click send, and the ordering process will commence. The whole ordering process happens within your WhatsApp app. Next, a payment screen appears and as soon as you have paid, you will receive a confirmation by SMS. Soon your delicious toasted sandwich will be ready.

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The Tosti Club

User-friendly ordering app for visitor and organiser

Simplify the ordering & payment process

Accessible for visitors

Let visitors order anywhere and anytime, without queues and no remaining or lost coins. The user gets direct and clear insight into their orders and usage.

More efficient for the organisation

Take your visitor experience to the next level and boost your sales. Use real-time data and reporting without hardware or payment systems, so every event will be better than the previous one.

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