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Platform Features

Every Identity, Ticketing & Data Solution You Need

Combine Messaging and Payments with cloud platform features. Our Ticketing platform helps events sell and manage any type of ticket. The Customer Data Platform takes marketing to a next level. Identity solutions assure safe authentication.

Online Ticket Sales Made Easy for All Type of Events

We give you a peek behind the scenes of major events and sports clubs that have used our Ticketing solutions. Discover how CM.com's mobile technology becomes the key to a sold out event.

Easier Identification for Both Consumer and Seller

As a Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP), CM.com provides various digital identification and authentication solutions, such as iDIN, One Time Password by SMS and IBAN authentication.

Start Signing With Electronic Signatures

Digitize your signing process. With the Sign solution you can send PDF documents to co-signers. Recipients can digitally sign these files on their mobile phone, tablet, laptop or any other device. No special app or program is required.

Once signed, the contracts are provided with a time stamp and secured with a certificate. This gives your PDF document a unique, valid digital signature.

  1. Save time and costs

  2. Better result and turnover

  3. Can be used anywhere

  4. Reduce the risk

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Set up Your Own Ticket Shop Within 3 Minutes

Whether you're organizing a big event or only need a solution for a smaller amount of tickets, CM Tickets can help you out. Features like personalized tickets, order invoicing and seated & secondary ticketing give your team an excellent system to get the most out of events.

No need to rent expensive ticket scan hardware. The Ticket Scan app allows you to simply validate tickets with a smartphone.

  1. Create your own online ticket shop within minutes

  2. Realtime dashboard with insights about your ticket sales

  3. Measure the ROI of your online campaigns

  4. Use the free CM Tickets Scan App to validate tickets

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iDIN - Safe and Secure Online Identification

iDIN is a new service for authentication and verification. iDIN is similar to the way customers use internet banking. If someone wants to purchase something in your web-shop, he can login with iDIN, using the same login method of his bank.

By using iDIN, both you and the customer can be assured that the identity data provided by the customer is accurate and up-to-date.

No financial data is shared via iDIN.

  1. Full identification

  2. Age verification (18+)

  3. Secure login & authentication

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Customer Data Platform

Augment your marketing with a Customer Data Platform. By combining all marketing channels in one platform and connecting to CM Data, you can use the data gathered from all sources to create the perfect flow for every target group.

You can build segments that reflect a specific customer group and send them information they care about. Every customer experience will be personal and relevant. Accelerate marketing success.

  1. Unlimited number of data sources

  2. Get to know your customer

  3. Personalize communication with real-time segments

  4. Easy and accessible dashboards to analyze all your data

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